Friday, March 19, 2010

More Cocktail Fail

Yes, more pre-packaged Cocktail Fail.....

Its a Martini.

How friggn hard is it to stir some Gin and Vermouth together with ice? And if you want to do it right, its only a dash more work with some bitters.

I know, you don't normally carry Gin and Vermouth around in your pockets, the ice tends to get all melty and run down the side of your pants leg..... That is a hint that you are probably not in a place where it is appropriate to be drinking a Martini.

Do not get me started on the "Vodka Flavored" version.

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Cincinnati Bodhisattva said...

Speaking of ice. I got my hands on an Ice Pet without the ice mold. So far I have not come up with a good substitute for creating a cylinder of ice with the correct dimensions. Any suggestions? My apologies for going off topic, but warm weather is coming and the mint is starting to sprout.