Friday, May 10, 2013

Kingshead Pub - Sunrise

Went to the Pub the other night, had a pint with a friend and then had some dinner since it was about that time of day. The particular pub was the Kingshead Pub in Sunrise. Nice place, highly recommend it if you are thirsty and in that part of town.

I bet you'll never guess what I had for dinner?


Fish and Chips.

And no, that picture over there to the left is not a picture of my dinner, it is just a nice picture I found on the internet from a Chip joint in Ontario. (Thank you Queen's for the picture, it is very nice and I am borrowing it)

Why did I not take a picture of my dinner? Because I make fun of people who do that. Come on... its fish and chips. Its some fish, and some chips, on a plate, in a pub. Have you lost all of your imagination?

Anyway..... Kingshead Pub in Sunrise... Fish and Chips.....

The fish was wonderfully firm and flaky, the batter was nicely done even if it was a wee bit bland. Maybe if they used a more flavorful beer to make the batter? The chips are good too. Cut from whole potatoes and fried so as to be crispy enough to eat but soft enough to enjoy.

They include on the dinner plate, and I presume on the lunch size too, a little plastic container of something sort of but not quite like a tartar sauce. It didn't really taste like anything so I switched to the HP Sauce for the chips.

I have a theory about condiments served in little tiny plastic cups with lids that I am still testing. Maybe someday I'll share it openly.


I like the Pub, great place to hang out. I like their fish and chips and would give them a big thumbs up overall. I'm not going to recommend you go out of your way for them, but if you find yourself near by you won't be disappointed.

By the way.... there is another pub with the same name in Dania, but apparently that is owned by someone else so don't get the two confused when you are out and about.

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