Monday, March 8, 2010

My Happy Place

Originally uploaded by Princess Pupule
When I am at a Party, I almost always wind up behind the bar. And that makes me happy.

Usually, I step behind the bar so the host of the party can go and do host things.

At least that is what I tell people.

You, my dear readers (all three of you) know better..... I go behind the bar because that is my Happy Place. I like being behind the bar. I like watching people smile when I hand them something they haven't had before. I like watching them watch me when I am mixing something up. Even more so when they see me looking at the recipe but still don't understand what I am doing until it hits their glass and they get that yummy look all about them.

Yes, I like being behind the bar.

I even like being behind other peoples bar, like in this picture. This is me behind Loki's bar pouring a nice Rum the Burr's brought along. And it was yummy.

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