Friday, March 12, 2010

Drink Presentation

YUMMY Flaming Shots!
Originally uploaded by Princess Pupule
First, thank you to Princess Pupule! Your camera is so much better than mine.

And then....

Can presentation make a bad drink more better?

This particular presentation is called a Russian Roulette and is not on the regular menu. It is a really fancy presentation for what is basically a Lemon Drop.... A shot of nice white rum topped with a lemon wheel dipped in sugar, then the whole thing is doused with 151 and set a blaze.

The drink is fine by itself so I am not banging on that particular drink, I am just using it as a great photographic example..... doesn't it just look like it is going to be something spectacular? All flame-ey and people stepping back from its flame-ey spectacularness. In person even more better because of the low-hanging thatch roof over the particular piece of bar that is on fire.

And all of that sensational fiery and dangerous presentation for what is, once the fire has gone out, a shot of rum with lemon.

So, what do you think? Can less than spectacular drinks be 'saved' by overly elaborate garnishes or presentations?

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