Monday, February 18, 2008

A little bit of Link Love

Miss me?

Thank you for that, but I know I only have about six people who read regularly (thanks Mom!).

Well, January is Mardi Gras Season and this year it was a short season. Damn that Lunar calendar thing..... This year our Krewe managed to pull off a Masked Ball and Luau, the creation of an eight foot tall Moai for the parade, costumes, beads, and then win an award for it.

Check out the Krewe Kon-Tiki blog to see what kind of chaos and mayhem we've been up to.

Here is a link to my Flick'r pool if you want to see more.

And, while I have your eyeballs for a minute.... A bit more Link Love:

I managed to snag a bit part in a friends video project, Tails of the Merman. It is a five part serial and we are about to finish filming the fifth installment. I'll keep you updated as it gets closer to broadcast.

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johnny dollar said...

guess i'm #7, heheheeh