Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mixology Saturday....(?)

We are gathering later today to make a bunch of home-brew stuff for the bar. Chris from The Modern Day Hobbitt, Don from Experiment 33, and yours truly are gathering a list of arcane recipes with unusual ingredients and even weirder preparation methods and plan on spending an evening huddled over a pile pots with bubbling potions and a stack of some empty bottles that should be full by the end of the evening.

If everything goes according to plan we will end with some Hibiscus Liqueur, Falernum, Pimento Dram or a close approximation, and many flavored and infused syrups including the oft used Passion Syrup. I hope we will have started the process for at least two batches of bitters including Regans Orange #5. And, I hope to have started a batch of a Nutmeg Liqueur of which the recipe must, at this time at least, remain secret.

So, provided we don't blow ourselves up or burn the FOM Kitchen Labs to the ground, all three of us should have plenty of new stuff for the bar and that means plenty of new stuff to share with you.

Keep drinking, we need the empty bottles.

Oh, and can you save the cork stoppers too?

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