Thursday, March 29, 2007

Flair Bartending

'Crap! It's everywhere......

There was an interesting debate about Flair Bartending recently on Tiki Central. To sum up the conversational results: drinkers don't like Flair as it is a distraction and drunks love Flair because it is a distraction. That is way overly simplified, but I will stand by it....

So, a bit of surfing through the Cocktail Blog-o-sphere on a another proejct turned up back to back the following two tidbits:
Cocktail : UK > Cocktail Forum > "Flybottle" flair practise bottle.
Apparently this is some new method/product to keep you at the top of your game....

And, this one is my favorite! It is somebodys signature on the forums:

Wanna-be trick monkey in the making,then visit..

Even within the Flair community they call themselves Trick-Monkeys!'

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